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Why Invest in a Landscape Design?

Over the years I have met many clients with regrets and sometimes horror stories when it comes to their outdoor space and landscaping. Often times these regrets could have been avoided if a Landscape Design had been utilized. This is not to say having a landscape plan makes you immune to unexpected surprises and changes during the construction phase of the project but it will help to eliminate some of the pains along the way. Here are a few of my top reasons for investing in a Landscape Design.

1. It helps to establish the locations and size of key elements in the space and how they relate to one another.

2. It ensures there has been sufficient space planned for the intended use of the key elements you want integrated.

3. It provides details around the plant material and materials required which is invaluable information when obtaining a quote.

4. It provides an opportunity to construct in phases over a period of time knowing that it will all come together into a cohesive and unified design when complete.

5. It helps to relieve possible doubts about the project and reinforces that you have made the right choices. When you see how everything comes together into a unified plan it gives you peace of mind.

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