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This graceful shape perfectly showcases both short and tall plants and plant ensemble:

Fiber Clay is an innovative material that convincingly replicates the look of lead, 

iron and concrete but is up to eighty percent lighter than traditional materials.  

- Produced by a patented process.

- Durable, non-flammable, and eco-friendly.

- Made from clay and other naturally found materials.

- Frost Resistant and U.V. Resistant.

- Naturally retained salts ensures natural aging.


Colours available: Black Onyx, Rust Lite, Concrete Lite, Lead

Planter Dimensions: Large = 24.75Lx15.25Wx26.75H / Small = 20.75Lx12.50"Wx22.5"H

Weight: 25lbs


Note: Prices do not include applicable taxes.

TALL OVAL LITE PLANTERS - Set of 2 - by Campania

  • While they are considered frost-resistant, these lightweight containers

    should be brought in during the winter and stored in a covered, frost-free location away from the elements.