HAVALO 40 Premium Planters include the self-watering system.

"For stylish spaces".


This luxury planter design brings modern elegence to any room. HAVALO products will create unique design accents and an unmistakable visual effect. The HAVALO is authentic, sublime, and yet unobtrusive. This planter will harmonise perfectly with current interior design trends.


Available in 3 elegant colours in a matt finish: Seashell Nude, Baselt Grey and Moon Grey.

These planters are "self watering" which ensures an optimal water supply which takes the guesswork out of watering.


Included is the All-in-One Set: Planter, interchangeable plant liner with recessed carrying handles and the LECHUZA sub-irrigation set.


Features; Shatterproof, ultralight, UV-resistant, high-quality plastic, 100% recyclable.

Ideal for home or office.


Dimensions: 41 x 37cm H / 16.1" x 14.6" H


Lechuza planters are manufactured and painted at their environmentally-certified production site in Dietenhofen, Germany, to the highest production standards.


Note: Prices do not include applicable taxes.

HAVALO Premium 40 Planter by Lechuza